Dr. Kathleen Lopez started writing early on at age fourteen as a junior high school journalist, a career she continued throughout her college career.  She also had several poems published during her college tenure.  She has always continued with her passion for writing short stories and poetry. Suspenseful thrillers, mysteries, and stories that take the reader along for the journey have always been among her favorites to read as well as write.


After witnessing the demise of her parent’s marriage, Samantha’s shipped off to remote Columbus Cove. She finds salvation from debilitating isolation in the Cove’s latest resident, Channing. As if off the cover of a romance novel and into the sleepy little town, he’s charming, handsome, and Samantha’s sole focus. But a shocking murder claims more than one victim. Blindsided and embroiled in an investigation as secrets that lay buried beneath the unpaved roads come to light.


Sheriff Martin Shuller is a thorough and honest investigator. When a dear friend is murdered, he is forced to come to grips with the case’s startling revelations while those close to him worry for the embattled sheriff. What occurs in the house on Cedar Mill Lane uproots what he thought he knew. Quiet and normal was what he was seeking. It certainly was not what he found. When the past comes calling…

Upcoming Release

One day can change a life forever. You can try to move on, but what if you find out it’s not allowed.  For Jack and Sarah, they will soon realize that while they might want to let go of the past, it won’t let go of them.  What happens when the past decides it’s not finished with you?  One day of tragedy leads to an unending cycle of torment.  When it comes to family, it’s the ties that bind…

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